We all need more tools in our toolbox. When it comes to professional development, there is no end of the road. We owe it to ourselves and the families we serve to continue our education and personal/professional growth.  Sign up for a class now!

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Art is the spice of life, and Olivia loves to spice everything up! Birth Art, Murals, Belly Casting, Meditation Spaces, Placenta Prints, Pregnancy Art, Henna.

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Ritual and Ceremony are tools that hlep us deal with the challenges of everyday life, as well as celebrations, marking lifes most sacred passages. Olivia is a trained and authorized ritual leader, developing unique rituals that reflect the diversity of the participants, and creating Sacred Space that allows people of diverse beliefs and backgrounds to heal together.

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Laya MonÁxi

Family of the Daughters of the Earth


Laya MonÁxi is a movement that builds community, creating safe spaces where people can grow and connect with other like-minded individuals and families.

We believe that change begins at the microcosm. Laya MonÁxi is participating in a revolution, hosting regular events where our tribe can grow and share, taking tangible steps toward the constuction of a sustainable community.

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An Interview with Mães D´Águas

Read Olivia´s interview with Mães D´Águas here…