Empowering the Awakened Woman

Laya means Family and MonÁxi means Daughter of the Earth in her families native dialect from Angola. MonÁxi and Olivia Augusta are the founders of this movement, representing the healing and empowerment of women, whose healing has a direct impact on their respective families and communities.
The women of Laya MonÁxi believe that change has first to begin with the microcosm, creating processes that heal and support through the use of music, workshops, retreats and online resources.
We believe in the YES of life, acceptance of the self, the sacred and unique.
We believe in sexual liberation and healing through education and empowerment, encouraging the beauty and strength of the sacred femenine.
We at Laya MonÁxi want to strengthen our global family, moving towards a more fullfilling and sustainable future, honoring the abundance and variety the Mother Earth has blessed us with.

The women of Laya MonÁxi believe in the power of ritual and ceremony to heal and unite community. We stand for holding sacred space that respects all beliefs and ways of being, creating environments for healing, health and change.
In collaboration with other change makers, Laya MonÁxi regularly hold community rituals, women only dance events, workshops and retreats.