Olivia Augusta, Midwife, Mother, HomeBirth, Love, Trust, Ritual
Olivia Augusta, Midwife, Mother, HomeBirth, Love, Trust, Ritual


Olivia is an International Midwife, Mother, Educator and Ritual Leader. She formerly served as Co- Founder and Director of Site Development for Mother Health International, a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to responding and providing relief to pregnant women and children in areas of disaster, war and extreme economic poverty.  Olivia is a graduate of Maternidad La Luz, a midwifery school and clinic on the border of Texas and Mexico. For fourteen years Olivia has helped women and midwives access the education and tools they need to have better, safer births, naturally.  She has attended thousands of women around the world, including Peru, Brazil, the USA, Uganda, Haiti, the UK and Portugal, and specializes in births with alternative positions, such as Breech and Twin Birth.


Olivia is passionate about professional development for midwives and other birth workers, as well as enabling individuals to empower themselves in regard to their health and general well being in life. Pregnancy and birth are the beginning of life and touch each one of us in one way or another. However life doesn’t stop with birth, it is part of an endless and holistic process that  connects us to each other, the community and the world around us. A joyful and satisfying life can begin with healthy pregnancy and birth, and continues on with communication and community involvement. We are all part of this delicate web of life, that requires the support of all to maintain and help flourish. Midwives have a special place of guardianship at the gates of life, themselves requiring support from other women and the community at large to be prepared to receive new life and support families as they develop.

Medicine Woman

Previous to becoming a midwife, Olivia was a traditional apprentice to a Native American Elder for 6 years, and lived in community with Healers and Medicine People from several Native tribes and many parts of the world.  She received wisdom and training from Elders and Teachers in a variety of healing techniques, ritual and ceremony, focusing on Medicine Sweat Lodge and Vision Quest. During this period, Olivia was honored to travel as the caretaker of her Elder and expand her ritual training in South Africa with the Sangomas and in New Zealand with the Maori and Waitaha Tribes. In England she apprenticed with a Traditional Witch from the Celtic Tradition, who initiated her in the ways of womens blood wisdom. Before the conclusion of apprenticeship, Olivia was authorized as a ritual leader and carrier of the sacred pipe. The mixture of such diverse wisdom has been distilled into a unique methodology, and Olivia is honored to co-create new rituals in service to healing.