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Empowering the Modern Priestess

This online course is designed to support, empower and educate the awakened woman to realize her full potential, deepening her chosen path. Some who hear this call are newly awakened and just beginning the inner journey, while others have been seeking for years, or have been initiated in other traditions. What is true for all is that support of a community of sisters can realign and strengthen a woman in the realization of her Destiny, calling her back to her sacred center.

During each class, Olivia Augusta MonÁxi will guide the Priestess Participants through a true Initiation process, a journey from the realms of the mind into the deeper wisdom of the body, awakening and strengthening each layer in its turn. Utilizing the 8 principal Chakras as a path, participants will systematically receive essential training in the art of responsible energy work, purification, ritual and ceremony, accessing past life memories, use of oracles, animal familiars, healing work, creating music and chants, herbal medicine, the power of stones, essential oils, healing foods, women’s reproductive health and fertility, dance and yoga, ancestors, feminine icons and wisdom from cultures around the world.

Throughout the course, priestess participants will create their own tools, jewelry, costumes and medicines that will be used during the course and then added to the Priestess Kit that each woman will keep for her own personal use. This means that not only will a priestess complete the course more empowered to fulfill her destiny, but completely outfitted with necessary regalia and equipped with the tools, medicines and community she needs to share her blessings with the world.

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