Empowering the Awakened Woman


Previous to becoming a midwife, Olivia was a traditional apprentice to a Native American Elder for 6 years, and lived in community with Healers and Medicine People from several Native tribes and many parts of the world, receiving wisdom and training from Elders and Teachers in a variety of healing techniques, ritual and ceremony, focusing on Medicine Sweat Lodge and Vision Quest. During this period, Olivia was honored to travel as the caretaker of her Elder and expand her ritual training in South Africa with the Sangomas and in New Zealand with the Maori and Waitaha Tribes. In England she apprenticed with a Traditional Witch from the Celtic Tradition, who initiated her in the ways of womens blood wisdom. Before the conclusion of apprenticeship, Olivia was authorized as a ritual leader and carrier of the sacred pipe. The mixture of such diverse wisdom has been distilled into a unique methodology, and Olivia is honored to co-create new rituals in service to healing.

Olivia leading the community of Piricanga in the Blessing of the new ReBirthing Center
Olivia leading the community of Piricanga in the Blessing of the new ReBirthing Center

Medicine Sweat Lodge – Temezcal

Medicine Sweat Lodge

Medicine Sweat Lodge is a Ritual that has been performed for thousands of years by cultures all over the world. It has a variety of purposes and traditions that vary as widely as the people who use it. In modern times, it is most closely associated with the Tribes indigenous to the Americas, although it is still in use by many other cultures throughout the world. The ritual consists of building a structure with saplings, covering it with blankets, and heating stones within a fire. When the stones are red-hot, they are brought into the lodge stucture, and water is poured over them, creating a sauna enviroment. The common thread is that Sweat Lodge is almost always used for purification, be it physical or spiritual.

Medicine Sweat Lodge can be used to mark important life changes, ie, Rites of Passage (girls becoming women, boys moving into manhood, the birth of a child, marriage or death) as well as seasonal holidays like the Solstices, Equinoxes and the lunar cycles (Full or New Moons etc.) There are Moon Lodges (Women only Lodges) and Mixed Lodges (for Men and Women).

Sauna Sagrada /Temezcal é um ritual realizada por milhares de anos em culturas em todo o mundo. Ele tem uma variedade de propósitos e tradições que variam tão amplamente quanto as pessoas que o utilizam. Nos tempos modernos, está mais associado as tribos indígenas das Américas, embora ainda esteja em uso por muitas outras culturas em todo o mundo. A estrutura é normalmente construída com árvores jovens e em seguida, cobertos com tapetes e cobertores e aquecida internamente com pedras quentes. O traço comum é que Sauna Sagrada é quase sempre utilizada para a purificação, seja ela física ou espiritual.

Sauna Sagrada pode ser realizada para marcar mudanças importantes da vida, em Ritos de Passagem (meninas se tornando mulheres, meninos chegando a idade adulta, o nascimento de uma criança, casamento ou morte), bem como feriados sazonais, como os Solstícios Equinócios, e para celebrar os ciclos lunares (completos ou Luas Novas etc.) Há Saunas de Lua (apenas mulheres) e Saunas Mistas (para homens e mulheres).

Cord Cutting (Clearing of Past Relationships)

cord cutting

All of us have things that would serve us to release. These things may include old habits and patterns, or connections to past relationships.

When we are intimate with people, or develop close relationships, we establish energetic connections to them that do not break on their own. These connections remain an open channel, where energy can be drawn or given, consciously or unconsciously.  Many people go through their lives with several channels of energy open, losing vital force without ever being conscious of it.

Consciously cutting these cords can return vital force to a person, enabling them to be more fully present in their life and available to their current loved ones.  It also allows connections to be re-established in a healthy way based only on your present connection, not on past involvements.

Todos nós temos algo do qual nos queremos libertar. Algo que poderá incluir velhos hábitos, padrões ou conexões com relações passadas.

Quando criamos uma intimidade com alguém ou desenvolvemos relações de proximidade estabelecemos energeticamente uma conexão que não termina por si só. Estas conexões permanecem abertas e essa energia pode ser enviada ou retirada consciente ou inconscientemente. Muitas pessoas passam uma vida íntegra com vários canais de energia abertos, perdem a sua força vital sem nunca se darem conta disso.

O corte consciente dessas ligações devolve a força vital, permitindo estar completamente presentes nas suas vidas e na dos companheiros actuais. Permite também que se restabeleçam relações mais saudáveis com base unicamente no presente, e não no passado dessas mesmas relações.

Alternative Wedding Ceremonies -Casamentos Alternativos


The Double Spiral

We offer another ritual format that we call the Double Spiral. In this format, a double spiral is created on the ground, and each of the fiances march from opposing sides, accompanied by all of their loved ones, until they meet face to face in the center of the spiral.  

One option to make the structure of the spiral is to use a cord created out of old tee-shirts that guests bring with them. The creation of the spiral helps to integrate guests and demonstrate the value of their support. The use of old shirts represent the concept that a path to love and family is paved with the support of the community. You are the fabric of our lives.

Although the tee-shirt idea is a creative, fun and inexpensive way to create the spiral, it is certainly not the only way. There are many ways to create a double spiral, using anything from colored sand, flowers or flower petals, ropes, colored yarns or even stones, depending on the location and budget.