About Laya MonÁxi

Laya means Family and MonÁxi (pronounced mon-ahh-shee) means Daughter of the Earth in the Kimbundo dialect from Angola, where MonÁxi’s family comes from. MonÁxi and her wife Olivia are the founders of this movement, representing the healing and empowerment of women, whose healing has a direct impact on their respective families and communities.

The women of Laya MonÁxi believe that change has first to begin with the microcosm, creating processes that heal and support Transformation through the use of music, rituals, workshops, retreats, and online resources.

We believe in the YES of life, acceptance of the self, the sacred and unique.

We believe in sexual liberation and healing through education and empowerment, encouraging the beauty and strength of the sacred feminine.

We believe that gender is fluid, and welcome all of our sisters, independently of what physical body your have come in with. We trust your truth, and support your empowerment and self-acceptance.

We at Laya MonÁxi want to strengthen our global family, creating a sustainable blueprint for survival in these rapidly changing times. If we look more closely, our village is already growing around us, if we have the wisdom to access it. We believe that together we can move towards a more fulfilling and sustainable future, honoring the abundance and variety the Mother Earth has blessed us with.

The women of Laya MonÁxi believe in the power of ritual and ceremony to heal and unite community. We stand for holding sacred space that respects all beliefs and ways of being, creating environments for healing, health and change.

In collaboration with other change makers, Laya MonÁxi regularly hold community rituals, women only dance events, workshops and retreats, both online and in person where they live in the Serra da Arrábida, Portugal.

About MonÁxi

MonÁxi means Daughter of the Earth in Kimbundo, a Dialect from Angola. A singer, percussionist and composer of Portuguese-Angolan heritage, MonÁxi represents a new generation of musicians opening doors to roles still infrequently assumed by women.

MonAxi has been a ritual apprentice for the last six years since she met her wife Olivia. She is an Initiated Fire Guardian and is completing her Water Pourer training for Medicine Sweat Lodge, as well as training in the ways of various plant medicines.

In Barrio Alto, the heart of Lisbon, she began to work on her original music and it was in this unlikely context that she began to acknowledge her spirituality and connection, inspired by the power of the drum and her own voice. Through her travels in the United States and Brazil, she found the essence of her unique expression, meeting other amazing artists that inspired her to deepen in the wisdom of Music in Union with the Divine Feminine.

MonÁxi is in the process of recording her second album of sacred sounds for healing and dance, Mantras for Awakening, creating a potent tool with which people can more easily access their personal power to heal themselves. Together with her wife Olivia, she also facilitates transformational therapy sessions, workshops and retreats, as well as weekly drum classes and circles as well as private concerts to inspire and invigorate.

Her voice, aligned with the D’jembé (African Drum) create a bridge between the innate strength of women and the wisdom of cultural fusion, drawing out all the colors and flavors that the Mother Earth blesses us with.

MonÁxi’s music is available for download on iTunes and CD Baby, and is streaming on all platforms worldwide. For more information, check out her website, monaximusic.com.

"Music is the Yes of life. Music comes to us like a wave, passing through us and taking a part of us with it into the world as it ebbs and flows."

About Olivia

Olivia is a Guardian at the Gates of Life. Mother, Wife, Medicine Woman, Artist, Alchemist, Midwife, Educator, Mentor, Author and Activist. Olivia began her unusual journey as a traditional apprentice to a Native American Elder for 6 years, where she lived in community with Healers and Medicine People from several Native tribes and many parts of the world, receiving wisdom and training from Elders and Teachers in a variety of healing techniques, ritual and ceremony, focusing on Medicine Sweat Lodge and Vision Quest.

During this period, Olivia was honored to travel as the caretaker of her Elder and expand her ritual training in South Africa with the Sangomas and in New Zealand with the Maori and Waitaha Tribes. In England she apprenticed with a Traditional Witch from the Celtic Tradition, who initiated her in the ways of Women’s Blood Wisdom. At the conclusion of her apprenticeship Olivia enrolled in midwifery school, and after graduation she went into international service in Peru, Brazil and later Uganda and Haiti, providing education and post-war/disaster relief to thousands of women and support to their midwives.

Olivia is a pioneer in the field of placenta medicine, developing the art of placenta tincturing as a superior preparation and alternative to encapsulation, and has trained hundreds of midwives, doulas and other birth professionals in her method. She has received the SFF award for Health Innovations for her invention of ‘the Heart String’, a counter bead system that allows illiterate midwives in rural areas to assess fetal wellbeing. In her 17 years as a midwife, Olivia has opened 2 birth centers (in Northern Uganda and Haiti) and supported more than 2,750 births, including more than 65 successful breech births and more than 35 successful twin births.

The mixture of such diverse wisdom has been distilled into a unique methodology, and Olivia is honored to hold space for some of the most important moments in peoples’ lives, from Birth and the Baptism of New Life, through the Rites Of Passage as girls become women, Mother Blessings celebrating women as they become Mothers, Marriages Ceremonies as well as Conscious Divorce/Separation Rituals, until the end of life, supporting communities through death and loss with Healing Funeral Rituals.

It is from a place of reverence for the Sacred and the Ancestors that Olivia is honored to empower women to discover and heal themselves, so that they may bring healing and wisdom to their relationships and families, expanding ever outward to strengthen their communities.

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