Alternative Wedding Ceremonies

Your Wedding Should Represent You

The day you join your life to someone is one of the most important days of your life. It should be unique, like you, and reflect your styles and beliefs as individual people and as a couple. 

Your wedding ceremony can be lived as a sacred Rite of Passage,  formalizing the love between two beings, and opening to the blessings of your community and loved ones.  Our families, both those we are born into and those that we choose, are important elements that influence any relationship, and the Wedding Ceremony is an important moment to celebrate with them and allow them to witness and honor your love.  Instead of being a stressful obligation, this celebration can bring health and healing to your lives,  helping you naturally fit into your community constellation and your place in the world. 

Whatever your spiritual beliefs may be, we can help you create an authentic ritual that will inspire your guests and fill everyone’s hearts to overflowing. 

The Double Spiral

We offer another ritual format that we call the Double Spiral. In this format, a double spiral is created on the ground, and each of the fiances march from opposing sides, alone or accompanied by all of their loved ones, until they meet face to face in the center of the spiral.  

This ritual format is attractive to many couples who seek new ways of relating, leaving behind the patriarchal traditions where a person is treated as an object that is bought and sold from father to new owner. Although many people no longer hold those beliefs, the traditional marriage ceremony still enacts that outdated way of being, most often represented when the father ‘gives away’ the bride. 

Although the Double Spiral is only one of many options, it is a creative alternative that helps people come together as equals, giving themselves lovingly to the other from a place of strength. 

There are many ways to create a double spiral, using anything from colored sand, flowers or flower petals, ropes, colored yarns or even stones, depending on the location and budget.

Counseling and Support

When facilitating couples in this great rite of passage, we offer complimentary services to ensure that the couple steps into this contract with both eyes open, both feet on the ground, and the mind and heart clear and free of doubt.

Engagement Counseling

Many couples may feel the need for support as they formalize the concept of union. We offer One on One and Couples counseling to help facilitate healthy and transparent communication. These sessions help to release any old or limiting patterns that may be causing imbalance in the relationship and support the growth of each partner as individuals and together. 

 Facilitated Vow Writing

Working with each person individually, the fiances are encouraged to contemplate what gifts and strengths they bring to the relationship and how they hope to be a strong and balanced ally in the marriage.

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