Closing of the Bones Postpartum Ritual

This beautiful tradition has several subtle variations from many parts of the world. It can be received by a woman or birthing person after giving birth, independently of the method of birth, or the time that has passed since the birth. When our bodies open, oftentimes they remain open ‘leaking’ energy or vital force. The extreme opening of birth and the demands of a new baby can leave anyone feeling depleted.
The ritual we create is unique and tailored to the needs of the person receiving, although typically we create a sacred space using the music of MonÁxi, and we prepare a deep full bodied massage, using smudge to purify, essential oils to anoint, moxa to heat the womb, and fabrics to wrap and pull the bones closed. We usually complete the ritual with a womb blessing, closing the womb chakra with a set of personalized waist beads.

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