Medicine Sweat Lodge/Temazcal

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Medicine Sweat Lodge is a Ritual that has been performed for thousands of years by cultures all over the world.

It has a variety of purposes and traditions that vary as widely as the people who use it. In modern times, it is most closely associated with the Tribes indigenous to the Americas, although the tradition comes from and is still in use by many other cultures throughout the world. The common thread is that Sweat Lodge is almost always used for purification, be it physical or spiritual.

As a Traditional apprentice, Olivia participated in hundreds of lodges as fire keeper and later as water pourer and pipe carrier before being authorized by her elders to share the traditions publicly.

Medicine Sweat Lodge can be used to mark important life changes, ie, Rites of Passage (girls becoming women, boys moving into manhood, the birth of a child, marriage or death) as well as seasonal holidays like the Solstices, Equinoxes and the lunar cycles (Full or New Moons etc.)

There are Moon Lodges (Women only Lodges) and Mixed Lodges (for Men and Women), as well as Warriors Lodges, which may be Men only, that Laya MonÁxi is pleased to host/facilitate when a male sweat lodge leader comes to town.

Currently, Laya MonÁxi is opening to formally train and pass on the wisdom of this powerful medicine with those who hear the call in an extensive 3 year training program.

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